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Capture  your story through video, photos or a written piece



We develop custom legacy pieces for families to document the lives of their loved ones. Our mission – to document life’s most important memories before they are missed, forgotten, or lost.


The seed was sown a long time ago when founder, Kristina Krug documented the memories, thoughts, and musings of her grandmother Caroline just months before her passing so that someday her own grandchildren would be able to enjoy the voice of the woman who was so dear to her. We're eager to capture your moments or those moments of someone dear to you.


Your legacy piece can be as short or long as you want. It can focus on children, your grandparents, and anything else in between. No matter what your budget, we can help tailor a well-organized, thoughtful legacy piece that will last a lifetime.

"Stories only happen to people who can tell them." - Allan Gurganus 


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